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FANG Xiaolong Artist BIO

FANG Xiaolong was born in Shanghai, China, currently doing his artist research for the Professional Doctorate in Fine Art at the University of East London, London, UK. Fang finished his Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking at Kendall College of Art and Design located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.


Fang’s works were collected by different art museums and private person, and currently is a member of Shanghai Artists Association, China Art Research Institute as well as the American Midwest Printmaking Artists Association. Fang’s video interview was shown at 2015 Venice Binnel. In 2017 Fang was appointed an Art director and Art counselor of Shanghai FOR Art Space in Shanghai, China. In addition to working in a professional area, Fang also involved in supporting cultural exchanges between artists from a different cultural background.


With extensive interests in the interaction between cultures, Fang’s works mostly circulate around the theme of cross-cultural interaction, with a focus on linguistic translations, particularly the translation and interaction between the East and the West. In further exploration, growing from the experience of living in different cities and nations, Fang narrows down to the emotional relationship people had with their environment, and the cultural identity they struggle with as the environment evolves over time.


Beyond being an artist, Fang has always maintained a passion towards being an exhibition curator. The concept of slashing the identity of an artist and a curator, shares the similar feature of the conceptual idea applied in Fang’s work, he constantly seeks the hybrid features and ideas between these identities, attempting to break the boundary between the two. Fang purposely chose the exhibition with giant installation works, with the intention of pushing the boundary closer between being an artist and a curator. Fang has successfully curated some international art exhibitions in Shanghai, aimed to promote communication between the West and the East, such as the Greetings from the West to the East, the A Prayer, A Wish, A Spell. By exploring the concept of ‘multiple identities’ as an artist-curator develop skills as an artist plus other assets to build his career in the world of art.

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